Dalí / Cadaqués

I first came to Cadaqués at the beginning of the 1960’s, drawn by the Dalí phenomenon. I was marvelled by the natural beauty of Cadaqués, its special light, its almost extraterrestrial landscape, and thought this would be a source of inspiration for any artist. To what extent this was true, I was to discover over numerous visits. The concentration of artists in Cadaqués during the 60’s and 70’s was extraordinary and together with the fishermen and all the people in the village they formed a unique community. This small and at the same time diverse environment, was Salvador Dalí’s refuge. Everything happened in such a natural and spontaneous way that I was under the impression that this remarkable atmosphere would last forever. I was young and could not imagine how everything changes so fast. Today I am aware that having been able to document those years has not only been a privilege and historic opportunity, but also a significant facet of my professional career.

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